We gather for worship from various walks of life. We come together with different assumptions about who God is and how to approach God. Some of us are lifelong Presbyterians who are very familiar with a traditional Reformed worship service, while others of us have recently come to appreciate this particular form of worship.

Wherever you are on the journey, we hope that you feel welcomed and at home in our church. Perhaps you have never been to church (or have only been a handful of times) and fear that you will not know what to do, how to act, or what to say. Be assured: this church is for people just like you.

The church comes together each Sunday morning to worship God, pray, listen for the Word of God in preaching, celebrate the Sacraments, and be with one another. Our gatherings are our opportunity to express our faith together. Our hope is that when we gather, our services will allow us to meditate together on the truths of the Gospel: God’s beauty and holiness, our brokenness and need for humility, grace, and healing, and the glory of Christ in uniting us to God and to one another. All are welcome at our gatherings, and we encourage you to come as you are.

We use a variety of prayers (written and extemporaneous), music (classical and contemporary), and symbols (visual arts and decorations) to offer our lives before God in the name of Christ. Children are an integral part of our worship life and are welcome to participate and lead us in worship.

A typical Order of Worship includes the following elements:

We Gather Together (prelude, call to worship, song/hymn, confession, assurance of forgiveness, passing of Christ’s peace)

We Listen for God’s Word (a prayer for illumination, reading of Scripture, sermon, affirmation of faith, song/hymn)

We Offer Ourselves to God (congregational prayer, receiving of offerings, prayer of dedication)

We Go Forth to Serve (hymn, charge to the congregation, benediction, postlude